Bollywood, the emotion of Indian movies, is not just about powerful dramas and romantic stories; it also has a rich source of comedy movies that potential laughter and entertainment. Here, we research the world of funniness and expose the top 10 best funny Bollywood movies that are certain to scratch your funny bone.


10 Best Funny Bollywood Movies

1. Hera Pheri: A Comedy Masterpiece

Hera Pheri” is an ageless comedy that revolves around three doubtful friends – Raju, Shyam, and Baburao – who find themselves involved in funny conditions after a mistake including a wrong number. With its funny dialogues and faultless comic timing, this movie continues to suggest happiness even after periods since its release.


2. Andaz Apna Apna: A Cult Classic

Viewed as a trendy favorite among the best funny Bollywood movie fans, “Andaz Apna Apna” is a joke comedy that follows the adventures of two idlers, Amar and Prem, as they contest to win the heart of a wealthy heiress. Full of silly comedy and extraordinary jokes, this movie has made a special place in the hearts of comedy fans.


3. Golmaal: A Rib-Tickling Ride

“Golmaal” is a fun uprising that revolves around the lives of four naughty friends – Gopal, Laxman, Madhav, and Lucky – whose tricks main to a series of funny mistakes and funny situations. With its original characters and funny sequences, this film is a must-watch for anybody who desires an amount of hearty happiness.


4. 3 Idiots: A Comedy with a Heart

“3 Idiots” seamlessly mixtures humor with moving social explanation, offering a refreshing take on the weights of academic achievement and social potential. Through the tricks of three friends – Rancho, Farhan, and Raju – this movie brings not only laughs but also valued life lessons that vibrate with viewers of all ages.


5. Welcome: A Comedy of Errors

“Welcome” is a crazy comedy that follows the adventures of an attractive gangster, Uday, and his awkward helper, Majnu, as they direct through a maze of misunderstandings and accidents. With its collaborative cast and funny plot twists, this movie guarantees non-stop happiness from start to finish.


6. Munna Bhai MBBS: Where Comedy Meets Compassion

“Munna Bhai MBBS” is a positive comedy that follows the trip of a lovable gangster, Munna, who positions as a medical student to achieve his father’s dreams. Full of humorous moments and moving opinions, this movie is a wonderful blend of comedy and compassion that leaves a permanent impression on viewers.


7. Dhamaal: An Adventure in Comedy

“Dhamaal” takes viewers on a rollercoaster trip of happiness as a collection of odd characters embarks on a treasure hunt tense with comedic problems and silly situations. With its original humor and attractive characters, this movie promises an enjoyable adventure for all.


8. Phir Hera Pheri: The Laughter Continues

“Phir Hera Pheri” reunites audiences with the beloved trio of Raju, Shyam, and Baburao as they find themselves embroiled in yet another hilarious misadventure. With its laugh-out-loud moments and comedic attraction, this result is a worthy replacement for the unique masterwork.


9. Chup Chup Ke: A Comedy of Errors and Romance

“Chup Chup Ke” is a pleasant comedy that revolves around a sequence of mistaken characteristics and romantic entanglements. With its attractive story and attractive characters, this film offers a perfect mixture of humor and emotion.


10. Hungama: A Medley of Mischief

“Hungama” is a comical comedy that follows the lives of normal people fixed in unexpected situations. With its funny plan twists and hilarious dialogues, this movie is a guaranteed entertainer that will leave you in splits.



Embark on a laughter-filled trip with these top 10 best funny Bollywood movies, and practice the joy of funniness at its premium!