Keeping our online information safe is super important. Cyber resilience is all about being ready for cyber attacks and knowing how to bounce back if one happens. Here are 10 components of cyber resilience that help make sure our online stuff stays safe:


10 Components of Cyber Resilience

1. Plan for When Bad Things Happen

Having a plan for when something goes wrong is smart. It helps us know what to do if there’s a cyber attack or our information gets hacked.


2. Keep Copies of Our Stuff

Making copies of our important files and data is like having a backup plan. If something bad happens, we can still get our stuff back.


3. Keep an Eye Out for Trouble

We should always be watching out for anything weird happening on our computers or phones. It helps catch problems early before they get worse.


4. Teach Everyone About Cyber Safety

It’s important to teach everyone in our team or family how to stay safe online. That way, we can all work together to keep our information safe.


5. Check Out Who We’re Working With

Before we share our info with anyone else, we should make sure they’re safe to work with. We don’t want to give our stuff to someone who might let it get stolen.


6. Split Up Our Online Spaces

Keeping our online spaces separate helps stop bad guys from getting to everything all at once. It’s like keeping our eggs in different baskets.


7. Keep Our Software Up to Date

Keeping our computer programs and apps updated helps fix any problems that could let bad guys in. It’s like putting new locks on our doors to keep out burglars.


8. Hide Our Secrets

Encrypting our important information makes it hard for bad guys to understand it, even if they get their hands on it.


9. Make Sure It’s Us

Using more than one way to prove we’re really who we say we are helps keep out people pretending to be us.


10. Lead by Example

When our leaders show they care about keeping things safe online, everyone else will too. It’s like leading the way through a dark forest.



In conclusion, being prepared for cyber attacks helps us save our stuff online. By doing these 10 components of Cyber Resilience, we can make sure we’re ready for whatever comes our way.