Few themes evoke as much intensity and immersion as war. From heroic battles to heart-wrenching stories, video games about war offer players a chance to practice the victories and disasters of battle immediately. Here, we research the top 15 video games about war.


15 Video Games About War

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Experience modern combat like never before in this innovative portion of the Call of Duty franchise. With superb graphics and strong multiplayer action, it’s no wonder this game leftover a favorite among gamers globally.


2. Battlefield 1

Set against the background of World War I, Battlefield 1 brings an immersive journey through one of the most essential battles in history. From the channels of Europe to the deserts of Arabia, the game offers a varied and fascinating experience.


3. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Step into the boots of a similar fighter and embark on brave jobs across Europe during World War II. With its photographic performance and authentic gameplay, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault leftovers a typical in the type.


4. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

Join the courageous men of the 101st Flying Division as they fight their way through the disturbing battles of Process Market Garden. With its importance on squad-based strategies and emotional storytelling, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway stands as evidence of the bond of brotherhood in war.


5. Company of Heroes

Main your troops to victory in this unfavorably celebrated real-time plan game set during World War II. With its active gameplay and planned complexity, Company of Heroes offers a fresh view of the tasks of strong soldiers on the battleground.


6. Spec Ops: The Line

Explore the dark truths of war as you cross the unfaithful roads of a war-torn Dubai. With its fascinating story and moral dilemmas, Spec Ops: The Line challenges players to confront the penalties of their activities in battle.


7. Battlefield V 

Practice the chaos of World War II like never before in this exciting installment of the Battleground series. With its superb graphics and immersive gameplay, Battlefield V delivers a true picture of the main war in history.


8. Call of Duty: World at War

Relive the brutality of World War II in this iconic entry in the Call of Duty franchise. From the Pacific Playhouse to the Eastern Front, Call of Duty: World at War offers an intuitive and memorable journey through some of the war’s most strong battles.


9. Hearts of Iron IV

Command your nation to victory in this grand strategy game set during World War II. With its intricate mechanics and vast scope, Hearts of Iron IV allows players to rewrite history as they lead their chosen country to glory or defeat.


10. Insurgency: Sandstorm

Immerse yourself in the gritty realism of modern insurgency warfare in this intense first-person shooter. With its focus on teamwork and strategic gameplay, Insurgency: Sandstorm offers an inspiring and satisfying experience for players looking for a true test of talent.


11. Total War: Warhammer II

With its huge battles and bottomless lore, Total War: Warhammer II offers an exclusive mixture of strategy and show that will keep players involved for hours on end.


12. This War of Mine

Experience the exacting realities of civilian life during times of war in this stimulating survival game. With its emphasis on resource management and moral executive, This War of Mine offers a touching study of the human cost of battle.


13. World of Tanks

Command some of history’s most iconic bulletproof vehicles in this popular free-to-play MMO game. With its fast-paced fights and planned gameplay, World of Tanks offers an accessible yet deep experience for players to test their tank strategies against others from around the world.


14. Arma 3

Step into the boots of a soldier and experience the most authentic military simulation game on the market. With its huge open-world situation and accurate combat mechanics, Arma 3 offers a supreme experience for players looking for true involvement in the world of modern war.


15. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Embark on a covert operation behind enemy lines in this open-world tactical shooter. With its spreading map and vibrant missions, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands offers infinite opportunities for players to be involved in intense firefights and planned operations.



From the channels of World War I to the battlefields of modern warfare, these top 15 video games about war offer various and immersive insights into the reality of war.